Outreach Updates | 8-26-20

There’s much encouragement coming from the latest works in Ohio, and continuing work in previous cities and The Lord has opened even more doors…

River Bend Calvary Chapel in East Alton, Illinois had a great prayer walk and gathering last Sunday; several other churches participated and other local pastors were encouraged.


Garrettsville, Ohio reported that another local church has been encouraged and is planning another similar gathering.


Fond du Lac, Wisconsin |  Oshkosh will be meeting this week, along with Oshkosh, and have seen the Lord put so much together in preparation.  Here’s the link to their events.

CC San Clemente, California (Pastor Holland Davis) is partnering with other churches to do an ‘outlet mall’ outreach next month.

Joe Bruch shared a neat ‘police and first responder appreciation’ card and coupon they put together to bless the local departments.

Mike Macintosh continues to minister to sheriffs and police with Carlos and Scott in Missouri.
We heard several other reports of continuing ministry, and LOTS of encouragement in churches from the 2020 Vision for the Heartland meetings.
Although overall some of these gatherings have been small—they have been mighty in the Holy Spirit!
We are all looking and praying for a Bountiful Fall Harvest as the work continues, and fellowships continue to step out in faith as folks have seen what the Lord can do with a few willing servants.


Let us press on in His Power, His Spirit and in His Strength! While there is yet time…


Heartland Outreach Update | 8-19-20

On the change in direction of the 2020 Vision For The Heartland

The Lord has done Great Things! We have seen a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit in events across 5 states this summer.  

And He is still doing Great Things! He continues to move in the hearts of pastors and people across the Midwest, and a fresh move of the Holy Spirit is at hand.

Sometimes, as we hear from the Lord and move in obedience to His call, we make plans, yet He turns us in a different direction as He directs our steps.  Let this be a testimony of trust and faith that, as He has begun by opening doors to Mike Mac and the team to do outreaches in the Heartland, He has led us to finish in a different way.

God’s Word tells us that He has a future and a hope for us all. Keep praying as we see the Lord adjust our schedules and move in Mighty Ways!


Jeremiah 29:12-13—Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.


As of this date, the Lord has prevented Mike MacIntosh and the Outreach Team from traveling for the remaining events, AND the Lord has continued to stir up the hearts of many pastors and churches who have decided to press-on to host their 2020 Vision for the Heartland events.


If shared with us, we will post these events on our Facebook page here.


From Midwest Pastors Meeting | 8-18-20

Much encouragement from the latest works in Ohio, and continuing work in previous cities.

  • CC River Bend—East Alton, Illinois is pressing on for their Prayer Walk and gathering – this Sunday afternoon!
  • Oshkosh and Fond du Lac, Wisconsin are continuing their planning and prep for 8/27-28 outreaches;
  • Festus Missouri will be hosting a Tuesday evening park outreach.
  • Chris Reif who came to help in Garretsville is now working in Arkansas to put together an outreach gathering in October.
  • Pastor & Worship Leader Holland Davis (who came out to our July outreaches) has been working with 4 other churches in San Clemente, California to host a worship outreach in September

The Lord continues to move and encourage and ignite the churches!

Pray for continued work in every city and town and village reached so far, and those to come.


From the 2020 Heartland Outreach Team

The Lord has put the remainder of the 2020 Vision for the Heartland Schedule on hold at this time.

Please continue to pray for much fruit to abound from the work that has been done in July, and for open doors for future gatherings, as the Lord wills.


From Mike MacIntosh | 8-13-20

Thank you for praying……I appreciate it very much.
So now The Lord has me speaking to the Heartland on Calvary Radio Network on Monday evening call in show “Biblical Insights”, Wednesday evening The Book of Revelation, World New Briefing Friday and Saturday.

Something is going to break loose in the Heartland. The explosion in Beirut, Lebanon was nothing like a major Earthquake on the New Madera Fault, or The Super Volcano in Yellowstone erupting.
I am urging everyone to intercede for The Heartland. We need to need to have a Revival in the USA. The Heartland proved to me that the people are responding to Jesus.


From Mike MacIntosh | 7-7-20

I have been at this most of my life.

But to set foot tonight in the Midwest is one of the most amazing experiences. America is deeply wounded and to be told one year ago to go with no money—just go through prayer was a challenge….

But spiritual friends said come, and spiritual friends said we will pray. I have seen and experienced many miracles and this is one.

You have helped and prayed.  (Please continue!)  Please accept my deep heartfelt thanks.

The spiritual warfare is raging Hell wants Americans. Wake up!

Your prayers will be powerful in the Spirit! Blow the trumpet! Sound the alarm! God wants to save souls.


Outreach Invite-Horizon Indy


Outreach Invite-Canton


Ohio Outreaches Added!

We’re praising God for all of the Ohio fellowships who have joined us to invite Mike MacIntosh out to help share the Gospel.

Ohio Cities added: Lima, Dayton*, Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Columbus, Canton and Cleveland!